Joining and Leaving the Programme

What happens when I leave the City Rewards program?

If you leave the City Rewards program, your account will be terminated and any unused points will be deleted. If you have points in your account that you wish to use, we recommend that you do so before terminating your account.

How do I terminate my City Rewards account?

We’re hoping to keep you engaged and happy for the long term, but if any time, you wish to leave the City Rewards program and terminate your account, please contact City Rewards Hotline at 09 777 395 888.

Is there a joining fees?

To unlock membership, you need to make transaction, swipe and scans of minium 30,000 kyats in 30 days. If you want to use physical Card, it will cost you 3000 kyats but you can get the App for free

Points and Rewards

Can the points be converted to cash?

While points earned are not converted to cash, they can be used for your next transaction in the place of cash. For eg: for every 100 points earned, you can use them to pay for any valid goods worth 100 Kyats.

I forgot to use City Rewards at the time of payment. Can I still get points for that transaction?

It is compulsory to present your City Rewards app or card at the time of payment to have points credited to your account. Unfortunately, we cannot credit points after the time of payment.

Why can’t I redeem an offer?

Please check the validity of the offer. Expired offers will not be eligible for redemption any more. In case the offer is still within its validity period, please contact Customer Care via the app.

Will I get discounts with City Rewards?

Offers and promotions listed in your City Rewards app vary depending on the issuing merchants. They include special rates, discounts, free gifts, etc. It is possible to find discounts via City Rewards.

Why do my friend and me have different promotions in our City Rewards accounts?

Each City Rewards account information is used to customise unique offers specific to that customer. Our promotional offers are personalised because we would like to make the offers most suitable for you. The more you use your account, the more the chances to receive special offers from us.

Will I be able to use my City Rewards account to earn points at Seasons Bakery?

Yes, you can use the City Rewards app at City Mart Supermarkets, Ocean Supercenters, Marketplace by City Mart, City Care Health and Beauty stores, Seasons Bakery & Cafés, City Baby Club stores, City Books and Music & Safari Bookstores across Myanmar.

I left my card at home. How do I get the points?

In case you have forgotten your physical City Rewards card at home, and you don’t have the app, you can earn points by presenting your mobile phone number or NRC/Passport number to the cashier. However, there is no way to use your points without the presence of either your physical card or app. Please ensure to do so before making payment for your transaction. However, there is no way to use or redeem your points without your physical card or app. A better alternative is to do so *before* the billing of your purchase. A better alternative is to just download the City Rewards app, sign up and click ‘Add card’. This lets you add your physical card to the app so that you never have to carry your physical card again, giving you access to a range of rewards, payment features and much more at the click of a button!

How long are the Rewards valid for?

All rewards seen inside your City Rewards account are subject to the timelines, terms and conditions of the issuing merchant. Please check the fine print on each of them to know more. They vary in nature depending on their issuance.

What if the points are not credited to my account?

If the points are not credited to your account, please contact 09 777 395 888 and give us all the information of purchase (date, time, place of purchase, amount) and receipt number. We will process the same and help you at the earliest.

I conducted a transaction and the cashier tried loading the points but I haven’t got any.

Please contact the nearest Customer Service Counter or call the City Rewards Hotline at 09 777 395 888 in case of such an incident. Before that, please do check once for the qualification of the goods purchased and/or your data connection.

Can I combine my points with other people’s points for a purchase?

No, points can’t be combined to make any purchase. Each members points are exclusively their own. Points are further non-transferable.

How many kyats do I have to spend to get 1 point?

1 point will be awarded for every transaction of 200 kyats (inclusive of commercial tax) paid for in cash at participating outlets.

How long will it takes before my points are reflected in my account?

The update of points and/or cash wallet balance usually reflects in your account within a few minute of the transaction itself. In case of a delay, please check data connectivity, updates on the App Store for the app or phone issues. In case the update still doesn’t reflect, please contact a City Mart Customer Service Counter at the earliest.

I didn’t purchase anything and my points seem to have been deducted. What happened?

Please check the History section of the app for an explanation or contact City Rewards Hotline at 09 777 395 888 in such a case. Please further note that all points carry an expiry date of one year from date of accrual and your points may just have expired.

Is it possible to transfer points to a friend? If yes, then how can I do so?

City Rewards points are not transferable as is, however, cash added to the City Rewards cash wallet can be gifted to a friend in your Contact list via the ‘Gift’ section of the app. Please note that all points carry an expiry date of 1 year from the date of issuance and your points may have just expired. This is currently only available on the app.

Can I get a refund for points that have been redeemed?

If you have paid for a transaction in cash, you can opt for a replacement product for the amount paid, of its equivalent value. We do not process any refunds in cash. However, any transaction made in points cannot be refunded. In case you’re requesting a refund for a transaction paid for with City Rewards points, you will need to revert to the first option and opt for a replacement item itself. Please contact the Customer Service counter in case of such a situation.

How long will my points be valid for?

Your points will be valid for 1 year from the date that they are awarded to your account.

How will the points be used/consumed?

Upon presenting your City Rewards app/card to the cashier or counter staff, your qualified points and rewards will automatically be deducted upon purchase of qualifying products.

Can I get the points for earlier purchases if I have the receipts saved?

Unfortunately, points cannot be awarded for purchases made prior to joining the City Rewards program. Furthermore, once a transaction has been completed, points cannot be added to the City Rewards account. We strongly encourage our customers to present their City Rewards account to the cashier, before they pay for their purchase.

What can I use the points for?

You can use the points to pay for merchandises at all City Mart Supermarkets, Ocean Supercenters, Marketplace by City Mart, City Care Health and Beauty Stores, Seasons Bakery & Café and other participating merchants.. Points are usable after every 100 points is collected. For example: 100 points can be used to pay for 100 Kyats, converting from our 1 point = 1 kyat rate.

Are there any exclusions for points earn?

Yes. Points will not be awarded for City Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers, promotion items, alcohol drinks, phone prepaid cards and other products which may also be excluded from the Scheme at the discretion of City Mart Holdings Ltd.


Where can I find the nearest City Mart to my location?

You can use the App to look for the nearest City Mart. Login to the app, click on ‘Stores’ from the menu bar in the footer. You might need to keep location services like GPS on for correct information to load, so please ensure you switch on your data. Login >> Profile >> Stores

What can I do with the History in my App?

The Transaction History that you see in the App is where you can see the History of the transactions you made and how many points you have earned or used. With this feature, you would further know if any suspicious activity has been conducted with your account.

How can I stop getting notifications from City Rewards App?

Please Follow this path. Login >> Profile >> Setting >> Notifications. Choose the option that is most suitable for you.

How do I change the setting language?

Please follow this Path. Login >> Profile >> Setting >> Language. You can then choose from options of Zawgyi, Unicode or English.

Why am I asked to give the City Rewards app permission to access to my phone’s Contacts, Photos and Media files?

The access is to allow the app functionality or feature to work best to give you a great experience. Accessing your contacts will allow the app to help you send cash or City Gift cards to your friends and family, while the access to your photos will let the app to enable you to upload your photo onto your profile. Also, the access to your media files will allow the app to store data of certain personalized or gamified promotions or offers that may be sent to you for you to enjoy.

Cards, Apps and Accounts

What are the advantages of using City rewards app?

You can sign up for an account on the app or upload your physical card details onto the app. No more carrying a physical card or lost card incidence.

How do I connect City rewards with my Facebook account?

Please go to your City Rewards App and follow this path. Login >> Profile >> Setting >> Connect your Facebook and after that follow the App instruction.

I used to use City Rewards but haven’t been able to use it lately and I can’t get access to my account.

You account may have been suspended or contact our City Rewards Hotline at 09 777 395 888. Please note too that all points carry an expiry date of 1 year from the date of issuance and your points may have just expired. Please contact 09 777 395 888. This is currently only available on the app.

How do I use the QR code?

The cashier will scan your QR code in the process of purchase to identify your account.

I lost my phone. What should I do?

If you lose your phone, please contact 09 777 395 888

I lost my City Rewards card. What should I do?

If you lose your City Rewards card, please contact 09 777 395 888

How many people can use one account?

One member is entitled to sign up for one account only.

If I want to change my City Rewards account format, from a physical card account to an app-based account, what should I do?

Please download the City Rewards app and sign up to register your card account. You can scan the QR code at the back of your card. If you are using the App already, and wish to change to a card account, please contact 09 777 395 888 for more information.

I forgot my PIN. what should I do?

You can reset your PIN by following the instruction in the app for PIN reset. If you encounter any problem, please call 09 777 395 888.

Can my card be used by other people?

No, it is not allowed. Your card contains confidential information like PIN.

I can’t install the app.

This app is available for Android 5.0 and above while for iOS, it’s 9 and above. If you still can’t install, please check your phone storage. There may not be sufficient space.

Is there a family account?

There’s not yet a family account.

I can’t get access to my account.

Please check with us again (pending developer’s confirmation) on the compatible Android and iOS. Please make sure that you have a working internet connection. Also, Please make sure your password and phone number are correct.

I forgot my password.

If you forgot your password, please follow these steps: Login >> Profile >> Setting >> Reset your Password. Follow the in App instruction from there.

Can I change the phone number I registered with when I signed up?

As this process is privacy-sensitive, to deter unwanted use of your information, we could only assist by changing it for you after a verification process. Please contact 09 777 395 888.

I accidentally deleted my app. How can I get access to my account?

Please download the App and install it again. You will regain access to your City Rewards account by filling the correct phone number and password.

My App keeps crashing.

Please make sure that your Android & iOS is of the latest version. If yes, then you may contact 09 777 395 888.

How many accounts can I sign up for?

Every City Rewards account is mapped to an NRC/Passport Number and a primary mobile phone. Every identification number can only have 1 account, with the exception of loss-and-recreated accounts.

I use a physical Card. How can I check for the new Rewards and Offers?

While we notify customers of upcoming offers via SMS from time to time, you will only be able to view a complete list of offers on the City Rewards app. This will further allow you to enjoy the full benefits of all our rewards on offer. We suggest you download, register and add your physical card at the earliest.

City Gift

How do I add my City Gift card to my City Rewards account?

Go to City Rewards App and you’ll find Add your Card. You can then register your City Gift Card just like you register for your City Rewards Card.

Can I link my City Gift Card and City Rewards?

In the App, add your card and link your accounts. Then you can make purchase and get the points.

Can I get the points too if I purchase with City Gift card?

Only if you have City Rewards Account. You can still make purchase.

If I want to send a gift card to a friend, what do I need?

You need the phone number that your friend use for City Rewards App because this process will go through the City Rewards App.

Can the gift process be reversable?

The Gift process is not reversable.

Where can I top up value for my City Gift Cards?

You can top up your City Gift Cards at City Mart Customer Service counters.

When will the cash balance in the City Gift Cards be expired?

The cash balance of City Gift Cards will be expired after 12 months from the loaded period. to prevent this, please add your card to City Rewards App.

Cash Wallet

What is cash wallet?

Cash wallet is a function in the City Reward card and app that lets you load any amount of cash into the your card account and then be used to pay for any transaction in City Mart Holdings related outlets

How do I transfer money from City Rewards?

Via City Rewards wallet feature, you will be able to make transaction. This process will not be reversable.

What if my purchase exceeds the balance in the card?

If your purchase exceeds the App balance, you can pay the difference with the cash.

Why do I need to use PIN at the purchase?

It’s for your own safety. This way, only you can access your points and cash balance. No one can use it up without your consent.

I transferred the money to a friend but he or she didn’t receive it.

Please check if all details are correct. Or, please check again later. The process of transferring money can take awhile according to internet connection. If the money is still not received after 24 hours, please call 09 777 395 888 for assistance.

I accidentally transferred cash to a friend. What should I do?

Sadly, this process is not reversible. Please contact your friend for assistance or 09 777 395 888 for more information.

How do I upload money to my City Rewards account?

You can simply top-up at the Customer Service counters.

Is the cash balance in the City Rewards account be refundable?

No, the cash balance cannot be converted to cash as a refund. It can only be used up to pay for transactions.

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