Easy Hacks to Get Rid of Damp Smell on Clothes During Monsoon Season

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The monsoon season in Myanmar can bring high levels of humidity,  and clothes may tend to take longer to dry because the moisture in the air slows down the evaporation process, if there is a lack of sunlight or if there is poor ventilation. As a result, clothes may remain damp for longer periods, causing them to have a musty odour.Here are some easy tips to get rid of the damp smell on clothes during the monsoon season, along with practical examples for each hack.

Dry Immediately After Washing

It's crucial to dry your clothes promptly after washing them, especially during the monsoon season. Avoid leaving wet clothes in the washing machine for an extended period, as this can lead to the development of mildew and the subsequent unpleasant odour. If you don't have the option to dry them immediately, consider using a laundry service or a clothes dryer if available.

Squeeze Water out as Much as Possible

Before hanging your clothes to dry, make sure to squeeze out as much water as you can. Gently press the fabric or roll the clothes in a towel to remove excess moisture. This step will help accelerate the drying process and minimise the chances of the damp smell lingering on your clothes.

Leave Some Distance Between Clothes when Hanging

When hanging your clothes to dry, ensure there is enough space between each garment. This allows proper air circulation, which aids in faster drying and helps prevent the accumulation of moisture and the resulting damp smell. Avoid overcrowding your drying area to give your clothes the best chance to dry effectively.

Add Vinegar or Baking Soda to the Detergent

Both vinegar and baking soda are excellent natural remedies for eliminating odours. Add half a cup of vinegar or a quarter cup of baking soda to your regular detergent when washing your clothes. These substances work to neutralise the odour-causing bacteria and freshen up your garments.

Use Lemon Detergent

Lemons have natural deodorising properties and can be used as an effective tool against damp smells. Look for a detergent that contains lemon or citrus extracts to add a fresh and pleasant scent to your clothes. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your regular detergent for the same effect.

By following these easy tips, you can keep your clothes fresh and odour-free. Say goodbye to the musty smells and embrace clean, pleasant-smelling clothes even during the dampest days of the monsoon season.



Sao Khun Han

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