Turn the Page, Turn Your Life: Top 5 Motivational Gems

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In a world brimming with challenges and opportunities, sometimes all it takes to change your life's trajectory is the inspiration from a good book. These five books are not just reads; they are experiences that can transform your perspective, fuel your ambitions, and motivate you to achieve your fullest potential.

1)"Papillon" by Henri Charrière

Henri Charrière's "Papillon" is more than just a thrilling adventure; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Based on Charrière's own life, this remarkable story of escape, survival, and redemption teaches us about the power of perseverance against all odds. It's a vivid reminder that freedom and hope can never be confined.

(၂) "Across the Mountain of Swords and the Sea of Fire" by Saya Mya Than Tint

One of the top 100 Myanmar novels within the last 100 years, this adventure novel, based on a simple story, features realistic characters who impart great strength. It follows four protagonists with distinct personalities, life experiences, and traditions, who find themselves stranded on an island and tasked with establishing a society. In a setting where there's nothing left to hide behind, people's true feelings come to the fore. The novel explores the contrast between self-sacrifice and selfishness, and how these characters fight for survival in various ways. It portrays how they confront dangers and handle conflicts. The diverse reactions of these four individuals to challenges and their interactions offer a multi-faceted perspective within a single storyline. This book can provide support in making strong, well-considered decisions while living life, guiding readers to choose with a firm heart and mind.

3) "Chicken Soup for the Soul" by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

This timeless collection of inspirational stories serves as a comforting reminder of the strength and goodness in humanity. "Chicken Soup for the Soul" provides a gentle nudge to view life through a lens of positivity and empathy, offering solace and encouragement in times of need. Each story is a beacon of hope, reminding us of the transformative power of kindness and understanding.

4) "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill's groundbreaking book, "Think and Grow Rich," has been inspiring individuals for generations. This classic self-help book delves into the psychology of success and the power of thought. Hill's principles, derived from studying the habits of successful people, offer invaluable insights into achieving personal and professional goals.

(၅) "Through Life's Perils" by Saya Nanda Thein Zan 

"When discussing motivational books, one must not overlook 'Through Life's Perils' by Sayargyi Nanda Thein Zan.  This masterfully written book transcends age barriers, offering profound insights and guidance not only for the youth bravely navigating life's complexities but also for readers of every generation. It's a treasure trove of practical advice, each page rich with wisdom to help overcome life's myriad challenges. Whenever you feel disheartened, this book serves as a source of motivation to lift your spirits."

The books mentioned here are not a quick fix to instantly uplift spirits and lead to success when faced with numerous difficulties, feeling disheartened, or considering oneself unfortunate. Much like how the relentless flow of a river gradually shapes and smooths stones over time, consistent reading helps cultivate positive thoughts and a robust mindset, often building a foundation without our immediate realization. Just as physical health is crucial, so is mental well-being, and we hope these books can aid in nurturing and maintaining it  



Cho Nwe Htay win

စာအုပ်တွေကရတဲ့ စိတ်ခွန်အားတွေနဲ့ဘဝကိုရှင်သန်တဲ့အခါမှာတခြားသူတွေထက်ပိုပြီးခံနိုင်ရည်မြင့်မားမှုရှိတာကိုတွေ့ရပါတယ်။ စာအုပ်တွေကပေးတဲ့ခွန်အားဟာ ကြံ့ခိုင်ပျော့ပြောင်းတယ်။ ထွန်းပေါက်အောင်မြင်သူတိုင်းဟာစာပေကရရှိတဲ့ခွန်အားတွေကိုကောင်းစွာအသုံးချနိုင်သူတွေပဲဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ဒါကြောင့်စာဖတ်ပါ။

Myat Noe Thu

စာဖတ်ခြင်းဟာ စိတ်ပိုင်းဆိုင်ရာကို တော်တော်အထောက်အကူဖြစ်စေတယ်လို့ယုံကြည်ပါတယ်။ စာအုပ်လေးတွေဝယ်ပြီးစုဖြစ်ပါတယ်။မှတ်မိနေတဲ့ စာအုပ်လေးကတော့ ဇစ်မြစ်၊ ပါပီလွန်၊ ဆိုင်ဂုံ၊ Shindler's List နဲ့ အခြား စာအုပ်တွေလည်း ရှိနေပါတယ်။စာဖတ်တဲ့ အကျင့်လေး ရအောင် ကြိုးစားကြပါလို့။

nyan lin

စာဖတ်ခြင်းအလေ့အကျင့်ဟာ လူကြီး၊လူငယ်မရွေးလုပ်ဆောင်သင့်တဲ့အရာတခုပါ။အထွေထွေဗဟုသုတလဲတိုးပွားသလို စာဖတ်ခြင်းကနေရရှိလာတဲ့ အကျိုးကျေးဇူးများဟာလဲ အင်မတန်များပြားလှပါတယ်။