7 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas

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It is almost the Thadingyut holidays. Are you ready to light up your home in a unique way? Here are seven fun DIY ideas that you can try with your friends or family during the holidays to brighten up your Thadingyut Festival celebration.

Candle Lanterns

candle lanterns are a traditional choice for Thadingyut. They can be created easily using recycled materials such as glass jars or cups. Firstly, clean and dry the glass jars, and place a candle inside for a soft glow. You can paint your favourite colours over or decorate them with flowers and leaves. These DIY lanterns are also eco-friendly and can be used to decorate both inside and outside of your home.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a common sight during Thadingyut. Instead of hanging store-bought lanterns, why not craft your own paper lanterns by following these simple steps? First, use paper with printed patterns or draw your own desired patterns on paper, and attach them to bamboo sticks, forming lantern shapes. Use glue to secure the paper and place a candle inside. Remember, use papers which are less opaque to allow the candlelight to shine through.

Homemade Candle Holders

Having a unique candle holder can also add a nice touch to your Thadingyut lighting decorations. Use materials such as wood, clay or natural elements such as bamboo to craft these holders. Adding a fresh coat of paint or carving your desired design will make your candle holder a unique piece.

Floating Water Lanterns

Floating water lanterns are an enchanting choice of home decoration for Thadingyut. To create a floating water lantern, first craft a small wooden raft. Place a tiny candle on it and wrap a piece of coloured greaseproof paper around the candle on the raft, securing it with glue. Next, fill a large container with water, light the candle and gently float it on the surface. If you haven’t tried this before, we recommend giving it a go. 

Hand-Painted Candle Plates

If you’ve got a little creativity flair, consider making a hand-painted candle plate. All you’ll need is a normal plate and some acrylic paint. Express your creativity through colours and shapes by painting over the plate. These beautifully-painted plates will serve as the perfect base for your candles, adding a unique charm to your home during the festival. 

DIY Oil Lamps

Oil lamps are a classic decoration for the festive season. Instead of buying them off the shelves, you can create your own oil lamps using small clay pots, wicks and oil. First, collect as many small clay pots as you need. Then, fill each pot with oil and insert a wick to light it. These oil lamps will light up your home, yard or balcony with a soft, warm glow. 

Sky Lanterns

Who doesn’t enjoy releasing sky lanterns during Thadingyut? However, crafting a sky lantern requires some care and attention to detail. To create one, you’ll need wax paper, a small wire, tissue paper, tape and candles. Once you have all these items, start by shaping the wax paper into a cylinder. Then, place metal rings in a crossed formation at the base of the cylinder and secure them with tape. Next, soak two sheets of tissue paper in candle wax and fix them at the centre of the small metal rings. Finally, light the tissue paper and release the sky lantern into the sky. Alternatively, you can create mini versions of these and hang them over plants at home. Don’t forget to personalise them with designs and meaningful messages! 

These DIY ideas will illuminate your home like never before and kindle the spirit of Thadingyut. Before you start crafting, head to Ocean Supercenter to get all your crafting supplies. Wishing you a Thadingyut filled with warmth, light, and joy. Happy Thadingyut!




သီတင်းကျွတ်တိုင်းမှာ အမြဲလုပ်နေကြအမှတ်တရလေးတွေ မီးပုံးလွှတ်ရတာလဲ ဝါသနာပဲ

kyawt kyawt



သီတင်းကျွတ်မာမီးပုံးလေတေထွန်းညှိပူဇော်ကြတာဟာ မြန်မာရဲ့ယဉ်ကျေးမှုကိုပေါ်လွင်စေသောကြောင့် နှစ်သက်ပါတယ် နောက်pလူကြီးမိဘများကိုဝန်ချကန်တော့ကြရတဲ့ထုံးတမ်းလေးကိုလည်းနှစ်သက်မိပါတယ်။

Htoo Nyi

ဒီနှစ်သီတင်းကျွတ်မှာစက်ကူမီးပုံးပြန်လေးပြုလုပ်ဖြစ်ပါတယ် မီးပုံးလွှတ်တာကမြန်မာ့‌‌ယဉ်ကျေးမှုတစ်ရပ်ပင်ဖြစ်ပြီးသီတင်းကျွတ်မှာလူကြီးမိဘများကိုကြည်ညိုမြတ်နိုးစိတ်ဖြင့်ကန်တော့ခြင်းသည်စိတ်ကိုအေးချမ်းစေပါတယ်