Get Green Indoors with Edible Plants!

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These days, we're all about sprucing up our homes with indoor plants - they're like the hottest trend right now! Some of these plants are not just for looking pretty; they're actually edible too! So, we're here to spill the beans on how you can grow some fabulous green plants that not only add a refreshing touch to your space but also serve as delicious treats you can munch on straight from your home garden.

Spice Up Your Space with a Chili Plant

Chili plants are the cool new trend for your home! They're short, so they won't hog up much space, and trust us, they'll add a pop of beauty with their lush green leaves and fiery red fruits. Plus, they totally dig hot weather, making them a breeze to grow.

Here's the deal: Get a pot with a hole at the bottom, fill it with soil, and pop in those chili seeds. You can easily grab these seeds from a farm shop, or better yet, just use the ones from ripe chilies in your kitchen! Keep the soil moist, but don't go overboard with the watering. Too much water can spoil the seeds, and we definitely don't want that!

Now, it's time to let the sunshine in! Find a sunny spot for your pot, and when those little chili plants start to sprout, give them some space to spread their roots. One plant per pot is the way to go!


Basil is the ultimate food seasoning that adds that special touch to your dishes in so many ways. But hey, we know it doesn't stay fresh for long after you bring it from the market. That's why smart housewives love having a fresh basil plant right in their kitchens, ready to jazz up their cooking whenever they want. And let me tell you, it also adds a splash of green beauty to your space - total eye candy!

Grab a small pot with tiny holes at the bottom for good drainage. Basil likes soil that lets water flow through easily, so keep that in mind while picking a pot. Now, sprinkle those basil seeds in the soil and give them some regular watering. Before you know it, they'll start to sprout! When they do, make sure to give each plant some space by separating them. You don't want them feeling cramped!

If you've got basil from the market with roots, you can totally plant that too! Just find a sunny spot, water it regularly, and ta-da! Fresh basil, right at your fingertips, ready to elevate your dishes any time you want.


Mint is known, not just because it smells amazing, but it tastes fantastic too!  Its low-down growth makes it even more adorable. Picture this - planting mint in a cool pot will totally jazz up your room with that lush green vibe! It's like a mini jungle right in your living space, and we're all about that!

You've got options when it comes to planting mint. You can either start from seeds or go for the branches with roots. Whichever way you choose, just make sure your mint gets plenty of light and some water-loving soil. Mint loves some sunlight and well-drained soil. Before you know it, your room will be rocking that minty fresh look, and the bonus? It's totally edible, so you can just pick and munch whenever you feel like it! It's a no-brainer - mint totally belongs in your indoor plant collection!

Tomato Plant

You can totally rock your front yard or backyard by planting your very own little tomato plants! Not only will they add a touch of green beauty to your house, but they'll also give you the freshest tomatoes for your cooking adventures. Grab those seeds from ripe tomatoes, and you can plant them just like any other seeds. Now, keep an eye on those soft stems - they might need a little support. Bamboo sticks are the way to go, or you can get creative and build a cool shelf for them to climb on. They'll love it!

Now, let's talk about tomatoes in cooking - they're like the superstars in Myanmar! You can use them in so many ways, especially for that yummy tea leaf salad and other fantastic salads.

When you grow your own tomato plant, you'll have the juiciest and freshest tomatoes to eat, plus the super satisfying feeling of achieving something amazing with your own planting skills!

Spring Onion plants

Spring Onion plants are just the cutest, and they're a breeze to grow and won't hog up much space. That's why you'll often spot them chilling in working places as cool indoor plants!

Just take the top part of the onion and place it in a glass of water. Make sure only a part of it touches the water, not the whole onion. In just 2 to 3 days, you'll see roots sprouting and little green shoots popping up. You can either keep them in the water or move them to a soil pot. Yep, use those freshly grown spring onions in your soups or salads for that extra kick of flavor! Get ready to add that touch of freshness to your dishes with your very own homegrown spring onions! 

Lettuce plants

Lettuce is an eye-catching plant with its pale green leaves. Lettuce leaves not only look appealing but are also delicious to eat. Cow dung or compost can be added to well-drained soil, and seeds or seedlings can be planted. Lettuce doesn't tolerate waterlogged conditions but requires regular moisture to prevent the soil from drying out. Lettuce thrives in temperatures between 12-15 degrees Celsius, making it well-suited for cultivation in cold regions. You can enjoy lettuce leaves fried, in salads, or in various other dishes alongside bread. 

Rosemary Plants 

Rosemary is well-known as a spice, but it can also serve as an attractive indoor ornamental plant due to its small, bushy green leaves. To cultivate a Rosemary plant successfully, it should be placed in well-drained soil and located in an area with ample sunlight. You can acquire Rosemary seedlings or seeds for planting. If you have a Rosemary plant at home, you can enhance the flavor of your meat dishes by adding freshly picked leaves during cooking.

When you get your green thumb on, your house comes alive with nature's beauty! And there's nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of planting fresh plants with your own hands. It's like a little adventure in your own home! Plus, the best part? You're using your spare time wisely, and it can totally help in busting that stress! Let's plant those green buddies that are not just perfect for indoors, but they'll also be your kitchen superheroes.



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