5 Signature Soups from Different Cities to Enjoy During the Rainy Season

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Soup is a beloved comfort food during the rainy season, providing warmth and satisfaction on dreary days. If you're looking to spice up your soup game, why not try some signature soups from different Myanmar cities? Here are five delicious options to make your rainy days better.

This photo is entirely credited to Nandar's Kitchen Mustard Leaf Sweet Sour Soup

Mustard Leaf Sweet Sour Soup is a traditional Shan dish from Kyaing Tong in Shan State. Made with pork belly or pork bones, this soup includes ingredients like mustard leaf, tangerine paste, sugarcane jaggery, and tomato paste for a unique and flavourful experience. It would be absolutely fitting to eat this Mustard Leaf Sweet Sour Soup which has a fragrant, spicy, sweet and sour taste with a bowl of hot rice on a rainy day.

This photo is entirely credited to Eain Se Tun Hot and Sour Catfish Soup with Nipa Palm Juice Vinegar 

Hot and Sour Catfish Soup with Nipa Palm Juice Vinegar is a staple in Tanintharyi Region. This soup is made with catfish, nipa palm juice vinegar, onion, garlic, lemongrass, and chilli. This particular soup is reputed to be highly effective in combating the flu. Therefore, this soup with its hot, spicy and sour taste can be refreshing for those who are recovering from cold and suffering from runny nose and cough.

This photo is entirely credited to Journey by Hein 

Dawei Moke Lat Thoke 

For those who love spicy and sour flavours, the Dawei Moke Lat Thoke noodle soup from Dawei, a city in Tanintharyi Region, is a must-try. This soup is made by boiling garfish, adding nipa palm juice, along with various aromatic ingredients to create a unique and delicious flavour. The taste of Dawei Moke Lat Thoke, with its lemongrass fragrance and generous amount of onions, is on point when served with extra lime juice and spicy chilli powder on rainy and drizzly days.

This photo is entirely credited to Chin Sabuti 


Sabuti is a famous traditional dish from Chin State made with millets and mithun meat. If mithun meat is not available, beef can be used instead. This hearty and filling soup is perfect for rainy days. Most people like Sabuti which is made with millet and mithun meat or beef because it is good for health and also tastes sweet and refreshing.

This photo is entirely credited to Thu Tayy Sit 

Mon-style Hot and Sour Bombay Duck Soup 

Mon-style Hot and Sour Bombay Duck Soup is another great option. Made with bombay fish, dried marian plum paste, shrimp paste, lemongrass, and other flavourful ingredients, this soup is sure to satisfy your taste buds. Bombay Duck Fish, with its sweet taste, when combined with sour plum paste and served with chilli paste, makes an ideal meal for rainy days.

In addition to being delicious, drinking soup during the rainy season can help prevent common illnesses like runny nose, cough, and flu. By trying a different soup each week, you can feel like you're travelling to different cities and experiencing new cuisines.